'Botox virgins'

"I would love to have anti-wrinkle injections, its just that I'm scared"

"I'm really nervous about them. I know people who have had them, but I'm worried about it"

"I had them once before with someone else, and I felt like I was just another client, like I was on a conveyor belt"

"The last person who did them practically pushed me out of the room after the treatment and I didn't hear a thing from them afterwards"

These are comments that sadly we hear often. At The Skin Spa Cheshire, I wanted to approach aesthetics with a different approach. I wanted to make sure that we looked after our clients, that we held their hand (sometimes literally!) and that our clients would feel safe, empowered and be happy with their treatment not just whilst they were with us, but in the following days and weeks too.

As part of our service, we provide a unique support system for clients who are ‘Botox virgins’, those who haven’t had anti-wrinkle injections for a while or simply those who would appreciate some reassurance after their treatment. It is very much our belief that anti-wrinkle injections are a medical treatment. We take their administration seriously. We don’t try and wash over this fact or disguise it or downplay the procedure as though it were a makeover. We take your health and safety seriously and urge you to do so too and give this treatment the respect it deserves.

This is why you absolutely must ensure that the person delivering this treatment is a qualified doctor (or dentist or nurse), but you can read more about that in our other blog.

As a fully qualified doctor, I have spent hours talking to patients in hospitals, reassuring them and explaining the treatments, operations or procedures that they will undergo. I have been with people when they are at their most scared and vulnerable and have seen how powerful our words and explanations can be in giving people confidence and trust. I have utilised this experience in order to be able to offer a fantastic and unique, follow-up support system for my clients that is entirely complimentary.

I know that if you have not had anti-wrinkle injections before, the thought of them can be scary. And if you have had them with other practitioners, you might not have felt supported afterwards. That's why at The Skin Spa Cheshire we would love you to get in touch and come along for a consultation, and should you wish, we can provide our text-message follow-up support after your treatment.

Call, text or Whatsapp 07378 315 687 for a consultation.

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